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Serpent F180 1/8th Scale Nitro F1 McLaren Mercedes

The Serpent F180 was developed with a dream in mind of creating the world’s best gas powered, scale Formula car. After three years of development this all new revolutionary platform is complete, bringing together stunning looks, great handling, F1-style technology all combined in an easy-to-use, high-performance race car.

The F180 has been designed to fit the shape constraints of a modern Formula car and therefore features many innovations that include the use of inboard suspension which uses pushrods and rockers to act upon pre-built inboard RCC shock absorbers at both the front and rear of the car. Sporting a radical new front braking system, when combined with the conventional rear disk brake system the total braking power and performance of this 2WD car allow for smooth, strong, controllable stops. To further obtain the scale looks of a Formula race car, the F180 features a lay down engine mounting system that prevents the engine from sticking out of the body shell and ruining the aesthetics, whilst the use of realistic-looking and fully-functional front and rear wings and grooved rubber tires completes the overall Formula look that screams “performance” with a 0-60 time of 3 seconds and a top speed of 65mph!


Specification in Brief:

- 1/8th scale basis
- Push-rod suspension front and rear
- Rear gear-differential with belt-drive system
- Disk-brake system front and rear
- 2-speed gearbox
- 2-wheel drive
- Centax II clutch system
- Realistic high quality pre cut Formula body-shell
- Glued rubber F180 tyres & foam

Braking System

The braking system on the F180 is a true innovation with the car stopping on all 4 wheels despite being only 2wd. The rear features a conventional braking system but the front wheels are stopped through the use of a cable which when pulled clamps down on the front disks which stop the drive shafts that are connecting to the front wheels, enabling the car to be stopped. The balance of this braking system between front and rear can be adjusted so as to get the best setup for any track you race on.


Pushrod activated Suspension

Pushrod activated suspension with the inboard mounted shock absorbers, on both the front and rear. This system allows the car to maintain its scale looks as well as offering great handling and easy adjustment.

Front Anti Roll Bar

Another unique and true to scale feature of the F180 is the front anti-roll bar which is activated through the suspension rockers. Through the use of track rods, when the suspension is compressed the blade assembly, which is mounted on ball bearings for precision, is activated. Due to the use of blades, the stiffness of the front anti-roll bar can be easily adjusted.

Lay Down Engine

In order to keep the scale appearance, while at the same time keeping the centre of gravity low, the F180 features a lay down engine. Doing so, in combination with a specially machined cooling head, ensures that the visible use of an engine is virtually non existent.

Unique Rigid Construction

The F180 has been constructed from 3 major components to which everything bolts, these parts include the chassis plate, the front bulkhead and the rear bulkhead. When combined with the radio plate, this core structure becomes very stiff and very strong allowing the suspension to work more efficiently and the whole car more resistant to impacts.

RCC Shock Absorbers

The RCC shock absorbers are the smoothest shocks ever designed, machined from metal and unique in that the shock bodies only open on the bottom half and come with a fixed piston, the result is an ultra-smooth and air-free shock absorber thanks to the self-bleeding system.

Front & Rear Wings

As the F180 is Formula based car it comes with front and rear wings, which not only look great but serve a performance function by keeping the car stable and allowing it corner at high speed. The wings on both ends of the car have been constructed from durable and impact resistant materials meaning that in a crash the minimum amount of damage is done.

Chassis Plate

The chassis plate on the F180 has been machined from high grade 4mm aluminum and then black anodised for that slick look. All holes in the base of the chassis have been counter sunk to protect the screws from damage when going over kerbs or when the car bottoms out over bumps. The chassis also holds the receiver battery which is mounted from the bottom of the car.

Independent Suspension

As with all high performance RC cars from Serpent, the F180 features fully independent suspension all around. The wishbones have been constructed from impact resistant materials to be able to withstand heavy crashes and all wishbones are interchangeable between the left and right side of the car.

Scale Grooved Rubber Tyres

The F180 comes with grooved pre glued rubber tyres with foam inserts and are mounted to black long wearing BBS style wheels.

Exhaust System and Roto-start Engine

As it is a Formula car, the F180 has some space constraints and no space tighter than the space for the exhaust system which has had to be custom designed and manufactured for this car. As the engine is lying down the manifold faces slightly upwards where it joins the exhaust and then curves back around 180 degrees to exit the car above the rear suspension. The exhaust system is a polished type and provides great performance along with a great sound.
To make starting your car easier, the F180 comes equipped with a Roto-Start system which enables you to use the supplied hand-held starter which starts your car at the press of a button, simply push the start rod into the side of the engine, flip the button cover, press the red button and go racing!

Clutch and Gearbox System

The Centax-II clutch system features large ball bearings as well as a large thrust bearing, this increases durability and provides ultra-free movement of parts, and features an externally-adjustable clutch gap spacing method, and an innovative pivoting flyweight system. The 2-speed gearbox is race proven and is easy to adjust.
The gearbox features large ball bearings for extra durability and smoother rotation. The gears are mounted to the carriers with three small screws and come in a full range of gears available in combination with pinions for the Centax-II clutch.

Rear Geometry

The rear upright features three pivot balls making it fully adjustable in all angles making for more complete adjustment and freedom of movement of the rear suspension.

Receiver Battery Pack

The F180 features a 5 cell 1100MAh battery pack, which comes pre mounted to the battery plate so that it can be easily mounted to the chassis plate.

Carrying case

The F180 comes complete with this high quality carry case that contains a purpose built drawer for your car as well wheels and a handle for easy and comfortable transportation.

Unique Serial Number

The car comes with a unique serial number which is applied to the chassis and also each car comes with a stylish F180 keyring that sports the same matching number.


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