Interested in being an RCE associate model builder?

We are always interested to hear from model kit builders who can construct to a high standard on a commission basis. If you have the skills to produce a superb end result, then why not drop us a line? - a United Kingdom base is an essential requisite.

If you would like to know more then in the first instance please provide the following information:

1. Any preference of scale and medium type.
2. Photos or website showing some of your completed works.
3. Any recommendations or comments from friends, clubs or customers.
4. What medium are you most used to working with (plastic, wood, resin, metal, photo-etch etc).
5. If you have any experience with plank-on-frame model ships.
6. Any particular specialist expertise that you wish to highlight.
7. If you have built any Partwork models.
8. If have you have constructed any wooden, period ship kits.
9. Any specific genre that you specialise in: radio-controlled or static display models of all genre etc.

Please send an mail via the Enquiry link link for our consideration and we'll be in touch!

Pages giving examples of Categories of work:

Should you require more information about our unique, customised services please contact us here

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